ladyvyola: gun and chalk outline with "police line-do not cross" tape (scene of the crime)
So, there's been aftershocks. There always are. (The USGS Did You Feel It? site is great.) But I didn't feel any of those.

But the 4.5 that hit 25 minutes ago -- that one I felt.

And now all the tension has returned to my neck and back and stomach. Earth, what did I ever do to you?
ladyvyola: Chekov 2.0 says "vtf?" (vtf?)
Well, I enjoyed my earthquake. How about you? (I'm not enjoying the adrenaline hangover, however. Headache and bodyache. Damn glands.)

5.9, jeesh. That's a heck of an east coast quake. The epicenter was less than 75 miles south of us. I watched the entire house sway from side to side. No, sway is too mild a word. It doesn't convey the speed and intensity of the movement. I saw the walls and ceiling flex, people. Over and over. If I'd been on the stairs, I don't know if I'd have kept my balance.

Amazingly, not a thing seems to have fallen and no cracks have appeared. Trust me, given the quality construction (ha!), that's a miracle in and of itself.

Mom and I agree that Dad would have loved it.