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Sewing frenzy is over! The costumes of the nephews and nieces over on Tumblr. (Yes, I have a Tumblr. Come visit!)

This year we played both sides of the hero-villain field, with a Ring Wraith, Radagast the Brown, Wonder Woman, and a Weeping Angel.

Fan kids. Gotta love 'em!
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See that cutie in the icon?

He's 9 today.

The horde came over last night and he was definitely more excited about the Marvel Lego set than the berry Octo-pie. Eh, he's a picky eater sometimes, declaring he's "never liked" something that's always been his favorite.

But everyone else was very enthusiastic, both about the flavor and the form. So much so that I'm most likely going to be doing a peach pie for Spenser's 8th birthday next month (I'll do a flower and butterfly crust, I think). Ellie, who will be 6 the month after that, is see-sawing between a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or a cheesecake with chocolate sauce.

A cheesecake.

I'm so proud. And terrified. And proud. (And terrified. I've never made a cheesecake before. But I do have springform pans, so apparently I'm qualified.)


Octo-pie behind the scenes )
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Younger nephew is turning 9 this weekend. I need to go and get some groceries -- I have decided to make a berry pie for him.

But not just any pie.

No, this will be an Octo-pie.

Pics will definitely follow.

In other birthday news, I'm thinking I will win major Aunt points with his Lego gift, featuring Wolverine, Magneto, and his favorite Marvel character: Deadpool.

Yeah, I'm the cool aunt. That's just how I roll.
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[ profile] fleegull is doing an icon meme and selected five of mine for me to comment on. If anyone wants to be tagged (DW or LJ icons, your choice), let me know. Here's mine:

Keyworded beaux yeux, these actually are my eyes. The contrast on the picture was already blown out; I just fooled around a little to make my skin disappear. I liked the subtly weird color effect on my lids. But damn, did I need to pluck those brows.

Young Frankenstein ("That's Fraan-ken-steen!") for the win. ("Frau Bl├╝cher!" *neigh*) ("Werewolf!" "There, wolf. There, castle.") ("Walk this way.") ("What hump?") ("Taffeta, darling! Taffeta!") ("Abby... Normal?") (~Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!~) I could continue. I'm here all night, tip your waitress!

I can claim no credit for this glorious bird on the black and white background. The only thing I did was caption it "Vyola" in a random pseudo-Arabic font. I excuse my act of cultural appropriation in the name of sheer beauty.

I've seen this icon all over the place and don't know where it originated. My humor and my pedantry are hidden in the keywords penguins are polar bears' natural enemy and the comment (Yes. It's a little known fact. That's why they must live poles apart.)

Keyworded and it's baby for the win with the comment spenser puts wishbone in her place, this is [ profile] borgmama's third child (my eldest niece) and Wishbone, the stupidest dog ever. Old pic, as Spenser will be (oh. my. god.) five in September.
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Younger nephew has contributed greatly to his chances of surviving to his next birthday.

Nicky spent Saturday night at my house as a special treat and was as gracious a houseguest as one could possibly hope a two and a half year old to be. As he got snuggled down onto the futon in my room, his stuffed animals tucked about him, and most of his family gathered around to say good night and good bye, I came out of the bathroom, wearing a floor-length pink nightgown.

"You look like a princess," said the bright, perceptive, intelligent, charming child.

Xander's going to have to stop resting on his laurels. I'm just sayin'....
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My nephew Xander, just about to turn 4, loves Star Wars and loves my Star Wars dolls -- Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul.

Qui-Gon gets relegated to a cheerleading role much of the time, offering advice and back-up to Obi-Wan before inevitably falling to his doom. Maul is generally thrust into my hands along with orders to "Fight me! Fight me!" as Xander whirls Obi-Wan around.

Sunday came the moment of truth -- the ultimate confrontation between Dark and Light. I was directed to hold Maul still as Xander brought Obi-Wan over. They perched on the arm of the couch and Xander started the conversation:

Obi-Wan: We need to talk.
Maul: ....
Obi-Wan: Qui-Gon is dead. We need to talk about it.
Maul: ....
Obi-Wan: You don't need to kill anybody else.
Maul: ....
Obi-Wan: You can be good now.
Maul: ....
Obi-Wan: Qui-Gon is dead. We don't need him.
Maul: ....
Auntie Vyola: ::is dead from giggles::