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People, people, people!

I need to tell you about the story I received for Yuletide -- it's amazing and hilarious and absolutely incredible and it's a tragedy that it's in a fandom so small that it doesn't even exist under a microscope.

If you appreciate sly, dry wit, if you like drawing room comedies of manners, if you know anything about the British abdication crisis, if you like small town social circle hijinx, if you saw The King's Speech, if you love absolute mastery of the English language and its nuances, if you need to see the best AU version of Winston Churchill ever (and yes, you do!), read this story and give the author the love they deserve.

Hanover's Seed (2606 words) by faviconFabrisse
Fandom: Edward and Mrs. Simpson (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wallis Simpson/David Windsor
Characters: Original Characters

This is an AU based on the mini-series "Edward and Mrs. Simpson" which aired on PBS in the late 1970s.

Do it. You won't regret it. I, and the Jackson County (Kansas) Garden Club, guarantee it.

ETA: I also recommend Knowing My Place (1120 words) by the same author. It's a short exploration of Eliza's thoughts a few months after the end of My Fair Lady and is wonderful worldbuilding.
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So, there was a little event I went to last night. A few familiar faces were in attendence:

Pics or it didn't happen! )

Oh, yeah. There was a movie, too.

And it was awesome. How awesome? Well, without spoiling anything, let me just say that despite the fact we were watchng a 3D print while seated close to the front and to the side, I barely noticed that it was 3D. Usually, that's very distracting, at best. At worst, I want my money and time back. Last night, it faded into the background. Awe. Some.

Satisfying on every level. I need to see it again.
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[ profile] psu_jedi just found out she's won a radio contest -- two tickets to the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in New York on Monday. Since they can't get child care, her husband suggested she invite me to go with her.

Gee, I'll have to think about it for a mo--

Oh, hell yeah!

So, I'll probably head up to their place on Sunday night and we'll watch Part 1 and then we rendezvous with the radio station's bus at the local mall and leave at 11:30. The premiere is at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. We'll be back to the mall around 2, 2:30 am Tuesday.

Pretty good for my first trip to NYC, don't ya think? (Okay, I did make sure I stepped out on the train platform on a trip from DC to Connecticut, but that really doesn't count, much as two plane changes at O'Hare don't count as visiting Chicago. And damn it, I can't count the plane change in Munich since they didn't stamp my passport. Alas, my unprivileged life.)
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Best thing or best thing ever?

Tim Gunn on Crazy Sexy Geeks discussing and dissecting superhero costumes:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Just when I thought I couldn't love the man any more. I'm still smiling.
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Okay, people. Guess what Mom (age 73) and Dad (age 74) have spent the better part of two days doing?

Marathoning Veronica Mars Season 1, of course.

Comments immediately upon the finale --

Dad: But what about Logan and Weevil? But who's at the door?

Mom: I'm glad Veronica made the right choice about her mother.

Season 2 is already underway. I have advised them if they think the first season was soap opera noir, they ain't seen nothin' yet. Yes, they're total fanboy and fangirl. Also, thank heaven for Netflix Watch Now. It wasn't pretty when Dad found out that the second series of Downton Abbey hasn't been filmed yet.
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Cookie snowflakes!

From [ profile] mickeym -- thanks, Chuck! You do a Mum proud.

From [ profile] gillianinoz -- if you look closely, her snowflake is upside down. Yes.

Ladies, thank you so much! The real snow fell outside (and we had a power outage for about 3 hours -- it was cold and dark and the wolves howled) and I was not having a very good weekeend but your gifts warmed me right up.


Oct. 30th, 2009 11:14 am
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So this is the dress I'll wear whilst accompanying [ profile] borgmama 's and [ profile] ishyko 's broods tomorrow night.

Sans cunning hat and sign, which were required accessories for the Dragon*Con Parade in Atlanta. Though if it's cool or damp I'll probably be longing for the hat. Not that anybody in the neighborhood would get it. It's kind of a targeted joke.

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The very first entry in the most recent [ profile] spnnewsletter is a link to 'Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed' inventor dies at 92.

Oh, fandom! Never change!

(Made even funnier by the fact that when [ profile] av_lad and I saw a clip on tv last weekend focusing on the controls for a hospital bed, we turned to each other and said, "The guy who invented "Magic Fingers" just died!"

Oh, brain cells! Never change!)
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A number of people are calling for my death.

....I'm not sure I can disagree with them.
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Possibly the best pimpage post in the history of fandom.

[ profile] froodle explains The 4400.

Don't know/care about the show? Piffle. That is in no way a reason to miss this extravaganza of awesomeness.

I... I feel like Michael Bay. </ awesome, dude!>

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