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I get to beat [ profile] borgmama to the punch because she had to go straight to teaching a class while I'm in front of a computer. So it's my honor and privilege to announce that the currently scheduled addition to our wild and wooly group is....

A Girl!

Yes, Spenser Elizabeth is due on or about September 20th and will be joining Alexander Kent (Xander, who will be 2 years 7 months) and Nicholas Andrew (Nicky, who will be 1 year 1 month) -- 18 months between the first two and 13 months between the last two, 31 months between all three. Irish triplets, anyone?

We're all very excited. Everyone was hoping for a girl but didn't care one way or another, if that makes any sense. Nice, strong, four-chambered heart. Two arms and two legs, all with the proper end parts. Exactly the right size and weight for this point in her development, which matches up with her due date.

Go Team Borg!