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Sewing frenzy is over! The costumes of the nephews and nieces over on Tumblr. (Yes, I have a Tumblr. Come visit!)

This year we played both sides of the hero-villain field, with a Ring Wraith, Radagast the Brown, Wonder Woman, and a Weeping Angel.

Fan kids. Gotta love 'em!
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LiveJournal, you have let me down! ::eyes flist balefully:: Why did none of you tell me about this?

Serenity acted out with puppets

No, I had to hear about it from my brother, Mr. Borgmama, who refuses to get an LJ. People, you and he are seriously messing with my ablility to subsist only on chedder cheese popcorn, AriZona green tea, and the fruits of Frank the Goat's labors.
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Gakked from [ profile] somniesperus:

Forbes Magazine, known for its humor (WTF?!?!), has listed The Forbes Fictional 15, the fifteen wealthiest fictional characters.

Willie Wonka, Lex Luthor, C. Montgomery Burns, Lucius Malfoy (singled out for a profile piece as well -- omg, he has holdings in Wal-Mart, Microsoft and Halliburton!), Lara Croft and more each have a mini-bio well worth reading. Whoever put these together sure knows their stuff -- the Bruce Wayne bit is particularly delicious.

Be sure to check out who's dropped off the most recent list. You know Charles Foster Kane won't take this lying down!


Jul. 7th, 2005 10:33 am
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Is there anyone else who thinks the idea of a Charlie-centric NUMB3RS vid to Jason Mraz's "Wordplay" is hysterically funny?

No? Just me then.

Stargate: Atlanta - Clean Restrooms is [ profile] carolyn_claire's hurt-yourself-stifling-the-laughs response to [ profile] resonant8 imagining a new show called Stargate: Atlanta, in which they're just stuck in traffic all the time, and you can get a whole ep out of the day the air conditioner breaks -- it doesn't matter if you know the show or not, just imagine any buddy/team action show and go with them on the Carpool Commute From Hell. Spew warning in effect, so watch out for your monitor and let's be careful out there, people.

In the "Somebody Needs to Write This ASAP" File: Two guys walk into a bar -- Mason from Dead Like Me and Doyle from Angel. The first round of recreational pharmaceuticals and intoxicants is on me. No power tools allowed.

Or: Two guys walk into a bar (and probably only one comes out) -- Krycek from The X-Files and Kyril from The Bourne Supremacy. 'Cause you just know that if Alex watched that he'd come out of the theater determined to have Karl Urban play him in the movie version of the conspiracy. I'm just sayin'.