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And while I'm still cranky about Luther....

We start in media res with Luther essentially torturing a suspect for information. Congratulations. If the past decade has taught us anything, it's that anyone can torture. There's no super-duper exceptional detective skills going on here.

After he realizes that Alice murdered her parents, he does nothing. He doesn't put her under surveillance, he doesn't question anyone in her or her parents' lives to see if anyone ever noticed friction or resentment. He just keeps confronting her. And he seems far more intent on making her acknowledge just how smart he is despite going on and on about how she is the one who wants that recognition.

And his little stunt with the gun and the flame in his boss's office? He reads as dangerously manic, either unwilling to stop when she says to because he must have absolute control of what happens and when or unable to stop because he cannot control himself.

Why am I supposed to buy that this guy is a good man, an effective policeman, an admirable person in any way?

Also, I don't accept a word of the scene where he calls Alice and insists that love exists. That was never her argument. She was saying that what he labeled as love for Zoe was a perversion of everything love is supposed to be. As far as I'm concerned, his explicit actions support Alice's stance.
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Okay, so I just watched the first episode of Luther.

I've been meaning to get around to it for a while; a lot of people with tastes similar to mine have recommended it and it's got lots of things relevant to my interests: a Sherlock Holmes-Columbo inspiration, Idris Elba, a murderous female mastermind, etc.

In the first episode, Luther flies into a violent rage during an argument with his estranged wife, harasses her in front of her co-workers, assaults her new boyfriend, attempts to use his status as a high-ranking police officer to cow lower ranking policemen who respond to her call when he won 't stop banging on her door and shouting for her, and in general never takes no for an answer from her but instead always persists until she gives in just to have a moment's peace.

You know who does this sort of thing?

An abuser.

Honestly, I was looking forward to finding out if the torture porn I've been warned about would be the deal-breaker but I just can't, people. I just can't.