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Okay, as mentioned before, we're trying the "no cooking without using something from the garden as often as possible because dear god, Cthulhu is growing in the cuke beds and I'm afraid the herb pots are plotting a coup" thing (note to self: must find some way to shorten this).

Last night was an A+ effort, with herb-crusted pan-seared chicken breasts (2 kinds of rosemary, lemon thyme, golden sage), capellini al limone (basil), and caprese salad (more basil plus homemade balsamic reduction, though alas no homegrown tomatoes yet). And Monday was a repeat of the excellent garlic-cilantro-lime marinated thighs with sweet chili sauce.

So... leftovers tonight. But all is not abandoned! Leftovers can be freshened up with a lovely salad.

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ladyvyola: quote: "SALT: a magic rock that makes food taste delicious" (magically delicious)
So the gardening continues apace.

I fear the lemon cucumbers may attempt a global takeover; I had to free several corn plants from their clutches. The first sugar snap peas were delicious! I think none will ever reach a plate. Teeny tiny tomatoes — they’ll be ripe when they turn white!

New rule we have had to institute: all cooking must include fresh herbs (they’re clearly taking over the deck as the cukes do the garden). Last night was cilantro-garlic-lime grilled chicken thighs (then brushed with sweet chili sauce), herb-marinated vegetable skewers, jasmine rice, and basil-infused limeade.

My housemate loved, loved, loved the chicken but says he’s still mocking me for the hockey thing. He might want to re-think that. He sleeps closer to the cucumbers than I do....

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