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So the gardening continues apace.

I fear the lemon cucumbers may attempt a global takeover; I had to free several corn plants from their clutches. The first sugar snap peas were delicious! I think none will ever reach a plate. Teeny tiny tomatoes — they’ll be ripe when they turn white!

New rule we have had to institute: all cooking must include fresh herbs (they’re clearly taking over the deck as the cukes do the garden). Last night was cilantro-garlic-lime grilled chicken thighs (then brushed with sweet chili sauce), herb-marinated vegetable skewers, jasmine rice, and basil-infused limeade.

My housemate loved, loved, loved the chicken but says he’s still mocking me for the hockey thing. He might want to re-think that. He sleeps closer to the cucumbers than I do....

baby white tomatoes on the vine (unripe)

lemon cucumber vines taking over everything

sage, rosemary, and thyme

2 pots full of dill, cilantro, and basil

sugar snap pea on the vine
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