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Damn! So caught up in RL (yay job! yay 401K! yay health insurance!) that I almost missed Fug Madness 2009. Fortunately, I'm just in time to vote in the Sweet Sixteen.

Oh, brackets! How I've missed thee!

Cher Bracket
(1) Aubrey O'Day vs (12) Lisa Rinna
Gotta go with that leopard-print lovin', sheer fabric devotee, Our Lady of the Lips and Nips, Lisa Rinna.

(6) Juliette Lewis vs (7) Courtney Love
So. Hard. I'm thinking Courtney. The classics, you know?

Bjork Bracket
(2) Lada Gaga vs (14) Katie "Jordan" Price
The hair bow made of hair pushed it over for me. Gaga all the way.

(1) Mischa Barton vs (4) Madonna
I'm encouraging young, fresh blood. And not the kind that Madge is so clearly bathing in.

Charo Bracket
(1) SWINTON vs (5) Beyonce
SWINTON is from another dimension. We cannot hold her to the same standards as mere mortals. She is beyond our ken. Thus, regretfully, Beyonce takes it.

(2) Katy Perry vs (3) Agyness Deyn
Katy. You damn poseur.

Madonna Bracket
(3) Bai Ling vs (7) Christina Aguilera
Bai. Oh, never forsake us!

(1) Solange vs (4) Joaquin Phoenix
One's clearly a cry for help. The other is clearly... a cry for help. Oh, what the hell. There's hope for Solange. (Assuming mama and sis fall off a cliff and a stage, respectively.) See Simpson, Ashlee for a case study. But the sheer fugging determination Joaquin has shown this year should totally be rewarded.