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[ profile] fleegull is doing an icon meme and selected five of mine for me to comment on. If anyone wants to be tagged (DW or LJ icons, your choice), let me know. Here's mine:

Keyworded beaux yeux, these actually are my eyes. The contrast on the picture was already blown out; I just fooled around a little to make my skin disappear. I liked the subtly weird color effect on my lids. But damn, did I need to pluck those brows.

Young Frankenstein ("That's Fraan-ken-steen!") for the win. ("Frau Bl├╝cher!" *neigh*) ("Werewolf!" "There, wolf. There, castle.") ("Walk this way.") ("What hump?") ("Taffeta, darling! Taffeta!") ("Abby... Normal?") (~Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!~) I could continue. I'm here all night, tip your waitress!

I can claim no credit for this glorious bird on the black and white background. The only thing I did was caption it "Vyola" in a random pseudo-Arabic font. I excuse my act of cultural appropriation in the name of sheer beauty.

I've seen this icon all over the place and don't know where it originated. My humor and my pedantry are hidden in the keywords penguins are polar bears' natural enemy and the comment (Yes. It's a little known fact. That's why they must live poles apart.)

Keyworded and it's baby for the win with the comment spenser puts wishbone in her place, this is [ profile] borgmama's third child (my eldest niece) and Wishbone, the stupidest dog ever. Old pic, as Spenser will be (oh. my. god.) five in September.
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There's something fascinating about tea, at once utterly civilized and yet totally grounded in the primitive: take a heaping of twigs and leaves, pour boiling water over them, drink.

The Tao of Tea website has some beautiful photos of loose leaf and I couldn't resist a little tea ritual of my own, cropping and resizing them into icon bases. A flavor sampler:

Rose Melange Himalayan Sun-Dried Chamomile Hibiscus
Lemon Myrtle Cut Leaf Black Peony Moroccan Mint Red Bush Chai
White Dragon Cape Town Rooibos Black Dragon Lemongrass

For more tantalizing brews, try my tea time gallery. Share and customize as you will.

Party On!

Feb. 28th, 2006 10:07 am
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In celebration of Mardi Gras, a collection of Carnival pictures from around the world.

Rio, with its spectacular samba schools, is like an acid trip. Guinea-Bissau seems a model of restraint in comparison. Stock traders in Frankfurt dress as elephants, nuns, and Elvis on the exchange floor. And towards the very end of the show, Venice both lures and disturbs with its mysterious masked revelers.

Free and shareable to good homes, customize as desired. Want, take, have.