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Oh, man! I'm a part of history!

I just got an e-mail from Jeremy Crawford. The message, in all its terse, misspelled glory:

Subject: fanficiton

do you write fanfiction.

Boy, given my output these last *cough* years, is he barking up the wrong tree.

He's gotta be the Dread Troll Crawford, right? A legacy passed down from generation to generation, always lurking, always waiting, always asking....
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I just had a brilliant idea (she said modestly) over in [personal profile] liviapenn's journal.

Where, where, where is the Person of Interest AU where Root and Kara team up as the evil mirror image to Harold and John?

It could be totally epic and serious with Root trying to get into Harold's head by replicating his relationship with John via Kara. She might come to see the other woman as a fascinating device rather than just bad code. Kara's needs and plans would keep Root from killing John right out of hand. And I love the idea of Kara making John her puppet by threatening Harold.

OR OR OR total crack where the women are crazy cat ladies up against the dog boys. DEATHKITTY vs MURDERDOGGY!

Someone get on these, STAT.