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I was hacked. Yahoo says my e-mail account was accessed from somewhere in Georgia (at least it was the US one!) this afternoon.


So if you received an odd message from ladyvyola at yahoo dot com, please ignore.

And now I must remember a new password and re-train my fingers.

*sigh again*
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So, the "alleged" serial killer in Cleveland.

You know the lesson some people learn in prison? Don't leave a living witness.
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Before anyone feels like defending Roman Polanski, they should familiarize themselves with the original grand jury testimony, cited here in an LA Times article.

Then I can't dismiss your opinion as a matter of ignorance.

Rather, I'll dismiss your opinion as a matter of inhumanity.

ETA: Triggery grand jury testimony is very very very triggery. My apologies for not noting that before.
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I call it my Betty Broderick rebuttal:

If your response to rejection is to go on a murderous rampage, maybe there's a reason people reject you.