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[ profile] ishyko doesn't update very often but when she does, it's usually a giggle-inducing tale of pop-culture childrearing or modern marriage. Today's topic: Klingons Tried to Destoy Our Marriage!

Oh, yeah. And how Revelations is an example of Baltimore's thriving independent movie scene, quote courtesy of "Top 10 American Cities to be a Moviemaker" in the current MovieMaker magazine. Go Team Panic!

(Last year's Top 10 is a bit sad to read -- New Orleans broke in on the list at #4.)
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Revelations is now being hosted on ifilm, since we broke The Though they were fully aware of the anticipated demand, they just couldn't handle it. Hey, we warned 'em.

Download Revelations here.
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We made CNET News!

Homegrown Star Wars, with big-screen magic intact

God, I'm still not recovered from the whole premiere bit and I've been working late (9 pm-ish) every night since so I can barely put two sentences together. But it was so damn amazing. Someday, when I recover, I'll post more.

Quickly -- [ profile] jenwrites, I know exactly what you mean about the story's deficiencies. [ profile] ishyko and I literally had to abandon it at a certain point -- long before it was ready -- to turn to costuming, logistics, actually running the production, etc. If we'd had our way, the thing would have been workshopped, the actors would have had a lot more rehearsal and input into their characters, we would have made certain conflicts explicit instead of implied -- oh, so much we would have done if we were only the writers and not doing a million and one other things all at the same time. And most of all, we would have made sure there was a lot more time for pre-production -- we were still working on the script when the camera rolled at the first shoot!

Ah, the lessons learned....
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The first review of "Revelations" is out -- Tish Wells of KnightRidder got a sneak peek at the completed film and writes about it here.

And for anyone in the Baltimore area, [ profile] ishyko and I are scheduled to be on Fox News (WBFF Fox 45, if I remember correctly) about 8 am on Thursday morning. It'll probably be about a 1-2 minute segment and (god willing and idiot newscasters helping) we'll come off as enthusiastic and interesting, not pathetic nebbishes.

ETA: Link fixed!
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And speaking of "Revelations", the final, official poster has been revealed. Created by noted science fiction and fantasy artist Sonia R. Hillios, it's just stunning. If Sonia's art seems familiar, it's probably because you've seen one of her incredible paintings on an officially licenced Star Wars or Star Trek product -- posters, book covers, collectable plates, and more. Sonia has graciously agreed to attend the premiere and will be signing autographs to benefit the Mid-Atlantic Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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If you're perusing the magazine stands these days, may I direct your attention to the latest issue of Movie Magic (Life Story) pictured below:

If you click, you'll see the upper right blurb declares "Do It Yourself! Fan Films & Fan Fiction Are All The Rage!"

Turning to the table of contents:

leads you to the write-up for Page 48 -- "Fan Film Roundup: From Harry Potter to Batman and the Star Wars universe, fan-produced films have become all the rage on the World Wide Web"

And Page 48 begins a 3-page spread on fan films, featuring Potter Puppet Pals, Grayson, and our very own Revelations!

Which, alas, I do not yet have scan for.

But still! Wow wow wow wow wow!

Only 6 days until the premiere!