Oct. 14th, 2013

ladyvyola: Rufus the naked mole rat from "Kim Possible" with Santa hat and pom-poms (yuletide)
First of all, good luck! I'm all over the place once again and I will be truly amazed and grateful that I've got a match. (Or a pinch hitter! I've gotten pinch hitters before and I love you, too! You chose me! You brave, weird souls, you.)

So, first the big picture then a little more specificity on what I like about each request.

My Yuletide Philosophy )

Face Off (TV) RPF )

Now You See Me (2013) )

S.W.A.T. )

Sears Appliances (TV Commercials) )

Killers Kill; Dead Men Die - Annie Leibovitz )

Go forth and may the Spirit of the Yuletide Hippo be with you!