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2014-10-25 11:39 am
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Dear Yuletide Writer (2014 edition)

Dear Yuletide Writer,

As always, good luck! I am truly delighted and grateful that I've got a match. (Or a pinch hitter! I've gotten pinch hitters before and I love you, too! You chose me! You brave, weird souls, you.)

I'm mostly on tumblr these days so if you want to know what I find pretty/funny/sexy/baffling, feel free to check me out at ladyvyola

So, first the big picture then a little more specificity on what I like about each request.

My Yuletide Philosophy )

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) )

Now You See Me (2013) )

Lord Darcy Series - Randall Garrett )

Go forth and may the Spirit of the Yuletide Hippo be with you!
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2014-04-06 04:05 pm
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(no subject)

A little Captain america: The Winter Soldier meta I posted on tumblr, riffing of leupagus's meta and looking at the mirrors and parallels to be found amongst Steve, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky.

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2013-12-25 12:49 pm
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(no subject)

I have received a delightful story and left a comment.

The story I wrote has been charmingly commented on by its recipient.

It has also been kudos'd and commented on by others.


Everything from here on out is gravy.

Now go read blame it upon a rush of blood to the head, the saga of Shannon and Amy, two sisters looking for love (sometimes in the wrong places) in a world where the Appliance Murderer is causing devastating brain trauma and sudden death with the most unorthodox of weaponry.

Remember, "Walk slowly, walk with constant awareness to your surroundings, don’t get distracted.” Wise words even when rogue appliances aren't lurking around every corner. (Fandom: Sears Appliance Commercials. Don't judge me, it's Yuletide.)
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2013-11-12 02:37 pm
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Reason the Back Button was Invented #603

The story* opens:

It took everyone by surprise. Least of all Joe Bob.

* Fandom redacted to protect the incoherent

::wails:: And the summary sounded so promising!
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2013-11-03 08:00 pm

(no subject)

Oh, man! I'm a part of history!

I just got an e-mail from Jeremy Crawford. The message, in all its terse, misspelled glory:

Subject: fanficiton

do you write fanfiction.

Boy, given my output these last *cough* years, is he barking up the wrong tree.

He's gotta be the Dread Troll Crawford, right? A legacy passed down from generation to generation, always lurking, always waiting, always asking....
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2013-11-01 08:49 pm

Halloween 2013

Sewing frenzy is over! The costumes of the nephews and nieces over on Tumblr. (Yes, I have a Tumblr. Come visit!)

This year we played both sides of the hero-villain field, with a Ring Wraith, Radagast the Brown, Wonder Woman, and a Weeping Angel.

Fan kids. Gotta love 'em!
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2013-10-15 08:46 am

Facepalming so hard

Really, Blacklist? Really?

You’ve got Tom Noonan as a serial killer with someone strapped into a wheelchair? Really.

I’d accuse you of cannibalism, but that would be rude....
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2013-10-14 02:13 pm
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Dear Yuletide Writer (2013 edition)

First of all, good luck! I'm all over the place once again and I will be truly amazed and grateful that I've got a match. (Or a pinch hitter! I've gotten pinch hitters before and I love you, too! You chose me! You brave, weird souls, you.)

So, first the big picture then a little more specificity on what I like about each request.

My Yuletide Philosophy )

Face Off (TV) RPF )

Now You See Me (2013) )

S.W.A.T. )

Sears Appliances (TV Commercials) )

Killers Kill; Dead Men Die - Annie Leibovitz )

Go forth and may the Spirit of the Yuletide Hippo be with you!
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2013-10-02 05:33 pm

(no subject)

And while I'm still cranky about Luther....

We start in media res with Luther essentially torturing a suspect for information. Congratulations. If the past decade has taught us anything, it's that anyone can torture. There's no super-duper exceptional detective skills going on here.

After he realizes that Alice murdered her parents, he does nothing. He doesn't put her under surveillance, he doesn't question anyone in her or her parents' lives to see if anyone ever noticed friction or resentment. He just keeps confronting her. And he seems far more intent on making her acknowledge just how smart he is despite going on and on about how she is the one who wants that recognition.

And his little stunt with the gun and the flame in his boss's office? He reads as dangerously manic, either unwilling to stop when she says to because he must have absolute control of what happens and when or unable to stop because he cannot control himself.

Why am I supposed to buy that this guy is a good man, an effective policeman, an admirable person in any way?

Also, I don't accept a word of the scene where he calls Alice and insists that love exists. That was never her argument. She was saying that what he labeled as love for Zoe was a perversion of everything love is supposed to be. As far as I'm concerned, his explicit actions support Alice's stance.
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2013-10-01 03:29 pm

(no subject)

Okay, so I just watched the first episode of Luther.

I've been meaning to get around to it for a while; a lot of people with tastes similar to mine have recommended it and it's got lots of things relevant to my interests: a Sherlock Holmes-Columbo inspiration, Idris Elba, a murderous female mastermind, etc.

In the first episode, Luther flies into a violent rage during an argument with his estranged wife, harasses her in front of her co-workers, assaults her new boyfriend, attempts to use his status as a high-ranking police officer to cow lower ranking policemen who respond to her call when he won 't stop banging on her door and shouting for her, and in general never takes no for an answer from her but instead always persists until she gives in just to have a moment's peace.

You know who does this sort of thing?

An abuser.

Honestly, I was looking forward to finding out if the torture porn I've been warned about would be the deal-breaker but I just can't, people. I just can't.
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2013-08-25 12:27 pm
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Octo-pie is a go!

See that cutie in the icon?

He's 9 today.

The horde came over last night and he was definitely more excited about the Marvel Lego set than the berry Octo-pie. Eh, he's a picky eater sometimes, declaring he's "never liked" something that's always been his favorite.

But everyone else was very enthusiastic, both about the flavor and the form. So much so that I'm most likely going to be doing a peach pie for Spenser's 8th birthday next month (I'll do a flower and butterfly crust, I think). Ellie, who will be 6 the month after that, is see-sawing between a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or a cheesecake with chocolate sauce.

A cheesecake.

I'm so proud. And terrified. And proud. (And terrified. I've never made a cheesecake before. But I do have springform pans, so apparently I'm qualified.)


Octo-pie behind the scenes )
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2013-08-23 01:22 pm
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She shoots, she....

Younger nephew is turning 9 this weekend. I need to go and get some groceries -- I have decided to make a berry pie for him.

But not just any pie.

No, this will be an Octo-pie.

Pics will definitely follow.

In other birthday news, I'm thinking I will win major Aunt points with his Lego gift, featuring Wolverine, Magneto, and his favorite Marvel character: Deadpool.

Yeah, I'm the cool aunt. That's just how I roll.
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2013-06-27 04:39 pm
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The cucumbers have tentacles. And spines.

Okay, as mentioned before, we're trying the "no cooking without using something from the garden as often as possible because dear god, Cthulhu is growing in the cuke beds and I'm afraid the herb pots are plotting a coup" thing (note to self: must find some way to shorten this).

Last night was an A+ effort, with herb-crusted pan-seared chicken breasts (2 kinds of rosemary, lemon thyme, golden sage), capellini al limone (basil), and caprese salad (more basil plus homemade balsamic reduction, though alas no homegrown tomatoes yet). And Monday was a repeat of the excellent garlic-cilantro-lime marinated thighs with sweet chili sauce.

So... leftovers tonight. But all is not abandoned! Leftovers can be freshened up with a lovely salad.

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2013-06-13 05:22 pm
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(no subject)

So the gardening continues apace.

I fear the lemon cucumbers may attempt a global takeover; I had to free several corn plants from their clutches. The first sugar snap peas were delicious! I think none will ever reach a plate. Teeny tiny tomatoes — they’ll be ripe when they turn white!

New rule we have had to institute: all cooking must include fresh herbs (they’re clearly taking over the deck as the cukes do the garden). Last night was cilantro-garlic-lime grilled chicken thighs (then brushed with sweet chili sauce), herb-marinated vegetable skewers, jasmine rice, and basil-infused limeade.

My housemate loved, loved, loved the chicken but says he’s still mocking me for the hockey thing. He might want to re-think that. He sleeps closer to the cucumbers than I do....

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2013-06-05 08:00 pm

(no subject)






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2013-05-25 08:30 am

I remember

All the little angels rise up, rise up
All the little angels rise up high!
How do they rise up, rise up, rise up
How do they rise up, rise up high?
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2013-05-17 01:08 pm

The abyss looks back

Also, I cannot tell one Staal from another and can only assume that they have bar codes on the backs of their necks courtesy of the cloning process so that whoever is fighting and/or fucking them can tell the difference.
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2013-05-17 11:45 am

Shame spiral initiated

JFC, Hockey RPF. What have you done to me? I'm watching fights on YouTube.

Hate you, hate you, hate you.

Also, Geno's face. Dammit.
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2013-04-10 06:10 pm

too darn hot

92°in April in Northern Virginia.

What is this I cannot even.
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2013-02-01 10:45 am

YOU! Write me this!

I just had a brilliant idea (she said modestly) over in [personal profile] liviapenn's journal.

Where, where, where is the Person of Interest AU where Root and Kara team up as the evil mirror image to Harold and John?

It could be totally epic and serious with Root trying to get into Harold's head by replicating his relationship with John via Kara. She might come to see the other woman as a fascinating device rather than just bad code. Kara's needs and plans would keep Root from killing John right out of hand. And I love the idea of Kara making John her puppet by threatening Harold.

OR OR OR total crack where the women are crazy cat ladies up against the dog boys. DEATHKITTY vs MURDERDOGGY!

Someone get on these, STAT.